Do I need any experience in music to participate?

Do you have to have experience with recording, writing and playing instruments?

No. Our goal is to facilitate creativity and learning. We love to work with all levels, beginning youth will get personal attention and encouragement, while advanced artists can work independently, or help other youth. We have got it all covered! All you need is a desire and we can provide the encouragement and other tools needed.

What if I have no music to write to?

What do I do if I don't have any original music?

No worries there, we have our own library of music from local musicians and producers in most popular genres.

How big is the camp? How many kids are in a session?

How many other campers will be there?

In our other programs, we had approximately 15-25 kids per session. We plan to keep this program even smaller to ensure campers get individualized attention. We generally have less than 10 campers on this particular program.

Is Alpha Omega Summer Camp for the Arts affiliated with a certain religion?

Is Alpha Omega Summer Camp a church or fraternity organization?

No, AOSC is not affiliated with any religion. Our campers come from all different backgrounds and there are no religious activities at camp.

What kind of supervision is provided?


My child is just over/under the age can he/she still participate?

Are you able to take my child, they are not quite 12yrs old but they are talented and serious?

Yes, maybe; We take these situations case by case. Camp Rising Star is a more intensive and creative program so we set age restrictions to make sure there is a certain maturity level maintained. Our program was also designed to accomodate a certain skill level. Feel free to contact if you feel your over/under aged child is right for this program at (858) 635-1211


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